Friday, September 26, 2008

Mud Fun

My son and I completed the "Mud Run" last weekend, which ends in a crawl through a mud pit, grit in teeth and slime on skin, to get to the finish line. No kicking please. Our favorite part about the course, however, was really the rest of it: the wind sweeping through the field and then wade through some 75 yards of the (cold) Roanoke River, then up over the single-track mountain and through a creek, jump logs and down the hill, small mud pit a tease before bigger finale. 'This is great," he kept telling me, adrenaline-charged, running in a pack: "I'm tellin' everyone about it for next year." So perhaps we will be back, to run in mud.

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Toni said...

That sounds so fun and fantastic. What a good time for you!