Monday, August 4, 2008

The One That (Almost) Got Away

Haven't put much up lately. This picture sort of shows the reason. We moved. To readers who are familiar with the book, the "one that got away" came available again, and then we made an offer that they accepted, and after that our house sold (in the first day), and it was hard to stop this ball once she started rolling. But here we are, and though the chore list is long, the boxes still unpacked, I can step outside off the upstairs porch in this picture and watch the sun set on some 10 acres, watch great blue heron in the creek that flows through, see our two dogs play (it's a great place to be a dog), or listen to the newest member of the family, a rooster named Steve Martin. Our feet had gotten nearly cold right around the move, but I think the place is growing on us, and we're glad we're here.
This weekend we went to a nursery down the street, now closed for the season (we didn't know), and they practically gave us what was left: a few pepper plants, some annuals, but also a gingko and a pear tree. Elliot has always wanted a flower garden and the woman who runs the place was so pleased to hear that the plants would be going in the ground rather than shriveling up in their plastic containers that she kept piling them on. Good neighbors. Childress Garden Center (not the kind of place to have a website, or I'd link it).
Tomorrow night, 8/5: speaking at the Radford Public Library at 7.
A blogger, Nels, reviewing the book for something, commented that NSW would "make a good pair with Kingsolver."
In other news, will be giving a keynote at the Virginia Environmental Education Conference, September 17.


Toni said...

A move huh? Where is this new house?

Rick Van Noy said...

Go out Tyler past the hospital. Road "Ts" at Childress. At that T, behind the old, abandoned Palmer General Store, our little house. What up in CO?

Toni said...

Sweet. you live by an abandoned store? :) Do the kids love it out there?

Things in CO are ok...could be better. I wish I had a job but other than being poor and unemployed I'm enjoying being back out here.